A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

It's a 1-vs-1 game, where one player is the Master of the Dark Prism Cult, and the other impersonates Whisker the Detective. The Master's objective is to officiate a Ritual by giving orders to his minions in order to summon the Great Demon of the Apocalypse, the Lurker. On the other hand, Whisker is the world's last hope: he will try to infiltrate during the Ritual, and crash their sinister party thus saving the world from doom.

Game done for the Global Game Jam 2016:


Game Designer: Simone D'Angelo
Developers: Mauro Vanetti, Michele Mantovan
2D Artists: Emanuele Klemp, Martina Felisatti
Animator: Emanuele Klemp
Composer: Luca Casarotti
Huge thanks to the Audio Panel in Milan!


TempleSaboteur_ALPHA6.zip 21 MB
TempleSaboteur_ALPHA6.zip 34 MB

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