A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Tired of "cool" games without any bugs or flying radiators?

Then it's your lucky day, stranger!!

Jump in and ride a crowd of working-class eastern European townspeople; ride a door in order to keep your band alive; get the beer; dodge the pig; avoid the goat; gather weed! Make your babushka proud of your lazy unemployed a**! Do all of this without any aparent reason!

Developed in less than 48h, this game will change your perspective of monday afternoons! And remember - those are not bugs; they are features!


Game Design:

- Zakaria El houat


- Michele Mantovan

- Alex Petrita

- Lior Eran Avila Visbal

Music and SFX:

- Simone Bellavia

- Giacomo Baragetti

Art 2D:

- Manuel Bustamente


MBP_FINAL.app.zip (25 MB)
MBP_FINAL.zip (21 MB)

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